The CEO of this independently owned and operated music company is highly regarded by his peers as one of the best brains to come out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Shoreview Shan started and founded Wont Stop Records while in jail at North County in Oakland California while on a federal hold for narcotics distribution. There he vowed to make a change and a difference for his life and his family. Upon his release he traveld to Richmond California where he hooked up with his younger brother Bola Mac. The two went on to form the label known today by many as Wont Stop Records. Selling there manufactured product in malls beauty and barber salons car washes and to local mom and pop record stores they hustled the money to create four independent rap albums that are considered Bay Area classic mobb tapes. The catalog has since went on to sell over 10 thousand units combined. Shoreview Shan now considers him self the best of Wont Stop Records with his soon to be behind the scenes hand in every aspect of his company he tends to develope and market the talent of his youngest son who grew up around music and the studio life. In 2006 he relocated his company to Jacksonville,Fl where he had a 2400 square foot home built and designed to handle the day to day business of the label. At that time witch had 10 artist signed to the company. He opened a small office / retail space in Middleburg, Fl witch was his first commercial business. Since then he has brought the label back to Nothern California in hopes of rebuilding the brand with focus on Baby Knowledge featured on his new song "Hunters Get To The Point". With a new book he wrote and also a childrens book both thats out now on Amazon titled "San Francisco American Ghetto Story" and "Baby Knowledge Builds A Club House" his plans and projects are top priority to the self employed 16 year music veteran. Currently he has a recording studio located in Jacksonville,Fl and has started and founded a new company called Wisdom Multi Media Group a Urban Multi Media company that specializes in marketing and promoting unique businesses from every area around the world. Now that he can employ professional designers and staff he plans on demostrating the true meaning of WONT STOP.